Printi - tai Camillo Frigeni sukurta grafikos "įrankių dėžė", skirta supažindinti žmones su tipografijos istorija ir daiktais, atlikusiais neįkainojamą vaidmenį žmonijos kultūros raidoje. 
Kūrybinių dirbtuvių dalyviai sužinos, kas sieja Printi ir "Čipolino nuotykių" autorių Džanį Rodarį, taip pat linoraižinio technika kurs knygos viršelį.

2020 m. sausio 16 d. 14 val. Nacionalinėje dailės galerijoje
Dirbtuvės skirtos vaikams nuo 12 metų (net ir suaugusiems vaikams!)
Renginys vyks anglų kalba.
Renginys nemokamas, tačiau reikalinga registracija el. paštu edukacija@ndg.lt.


What a mess Printi and Gianni! Workshop by Camillo Frigeni

The workshop will be held in English
The workshop is free, registration by email edukacija@ndg.lt is required.

A hundred years have passed since the birth of Gianni Rodari, a number that leaves those who know him through his stories open-mouthed. Indeed, for decades they have been telling the story of an ever-present reality every day, lucidly describing feelings that are still true, and in their smart simplicity, they let us identify ourselves in them. In short, they are modern stories embodied in a 'classic' form: universal, eternal, perfect.

- What are we going to do?
1) Choose your favorite Gianni Rodari story.
2) Create your personal illustration for the cover of the book
3) Transfer your design to the lino
4) Print your postcards and have fun!
5) Meet Printi - A friend that will allow you to print everywhere

If you are confident with linocut, don't worry. You'll be obtaining a huge illustration to add to your portfolio.

Camillo Frigeni was raised by typographers. Lover of vectors and printing, he is an Italian designer & researcher who combines tradition and technology through visual communication. He works and studies between Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and NYC. He believes in the power of education and didactic.
His experience includes a wide range of disciplines that integrate both digital and analogic ways of working with design thinking methods, focusing on concept generation and creative direction. He is interested to explore different fields - from craft to industry.
Currently in Vilnius, Lithuania studying Graphic Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts
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