Zakarauskas Andrius
g. 1982
Andrius Zakarauskas was born in 1982 in Vilnius, where he now lives and works. From 2001-2005 he studied Fine Art at Vilnius Adacemy of Art. In 2004, he also studied in Altea, Spain at The Miguel Hernandez Univeristy, in the Faculty de Bellas Artes. His work concentrates on the contrast between the figurative and abstract traditions. Anonymous figures pose in schematic interiors of Zakarauskas‘ ouevre, this way varying between figurative and abstract traditions of painting. In his early works the artist sourced his motifs from secondary reality - cultural sources such as history and cinema. By choosing titles for his visual works he creates plots that often analyse the relationships between men and women. These narrative titles bring movement into the static figures and provide them with dimension. In his later works, his main theme – painting – becomes apparent. The influence of cinematography, however, remains as he choses cycles as the main principle of lineage. While figures are the central motif in his art works, he depersonalises it, thus situating himself in the position of the creator, the object and the spectator. In this way, he analyses the medium of painting and the role of the painter in contemporary culture, deconstructs the mythology of painting, and questions the hierachical structures that are apparent within the contemporaty art scene. Using the core elements of painting – brushstroke, color, and composition - Andrius Zakarauskas is creating a personal history of painting, and invites the viewer‘s active participation. He perpetually adds drawings, glass works, small canvases with systems of signs, thus defining and emphasizing the process of creation itself.