2021 04 02 - 05 30

Juozo Milašiaus ir Dariaus Čiutos nuotolinis performansas

Displayed in the small temporary exhibitions hall and various unexpected spaces of the gallery are experimental works created using computing, software, and networking technologies in the 1990s and 2000s.

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2021 03 26 - 05 30

Whiz Bang Quick City 2. 1972 m. gegužės 26-birželio 4 d., Vudstokas, Niujorko valstija. Skaitmeninis Aleksandros Kasubos archyvas Lietuvos nacionaliniame dailės muziejuje

This exhibition presents, for the first time, the creative heritage of the visionary Lithuanian American environmental artist Aleksandra Fledžinskaitė-Kašubienė-Kasuba (1923-2019), spanning seven decades of her work (1942-2019).

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2021 03 26 - 05 30

Emilija Škarnulytė. Daugdara. Dedikuojama Aleksandrai Kasubai. 2021 (Video kūrinio fragmentas)

The National Gallery of Art presents a solo exhibition by Emilija Škarnulytė and her latest audiovisual installation 'Circular Time. For Aleksandra Kasuba'.

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2019 07 10 - 2029 12 30

Nauja Lietuvos dailės ekspozicija 19

In 2019, the National Gallery of Art marked the first decade of its activities. On this important occasion that encourages reviewing past accomplishments and foreseeing perspectives, NGA presents to its visitors the renewed display of the museum's collection of modern and contemporary Lithuanian art.

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2020 08 01 - 10 11

Petras Kalpokas. Gluosnis prie upės. Apie 1930. Drobė, aliejus. Lietuvos nacionalinis dailės muziejus

From August 1 NGA hosts an exhibition of works by Petras Kalpokas 'Visions of Nature', which shows for the first time all the artist's surviving etudes and watercolors.

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2020 08 01 - 2021 03 25

Ferdinandas Ruščicas. Fotografo Jano Bulhako fotostudijos emblema. 1912 Lietuvos mokslų akademijos Vrublevskių biblioteka

From August 1. exhibition of Ferdynand Ruszczyc "Golden Room" will be held in Hall 1 of the permanent exposition.

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2020 07 25 - 10 11

Johann Walter. Valstiečių mergaitė. 1904

Starting 25 of July National Gallery of Art presents international exhibition 'Wild Souls. Symbolism in the Art of the Baltic States'.

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