Konstitucijos pr. 22, LT-08105 Vilnius, Lithuania
T.: (8-5) 219 59 60; E-mail: info(at)

Gallery is fitted for the needs of disabled people and families with carriages for children.

Entrance - on the ground floor, from the side of sculpture "The First Swallows" by J. Mikėnas

Take bus No. 43, 46, 52, 56, 60, 88 or trolleybus No. 9, 19 to reach the gallery (exit at 'Nacionalinė dailės galerija' stop). The gallery is easily reached from the centre of Vilnius across the White or Green bridges.

The way to a parking-lot leads from Konstitucijos avenue or Upės str. (nearby "Forum Palace"). The gallery car park is free of charge


Entrance fee - 8,00 €
On the last Sunday of each month, the gallery is free of charge.

Please note, that tickets are available till the last half of an hour before closure of the gallery.

Concessions (->)

Reception ph.: (8-5) 219 59 60


Tours in English language - 25 €
Information about guided tours and reservation ph.: (370-5) 219 5961
E-mail: edukacija(at)

Bookstore "Six Chairs Books" is open:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11.00-19.00 val.
Thursday 12.00-20.00 val.
Sunday - closed.

Bookstore ph.: +37061165330

Restaurant "The Gallery" is open:
Monday 11.00 - 15.00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11.00-22.00 val.
Sunday - closed.

Restaurant ph.: +37060005452


Gallery map

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NGA is a subdivision of the Lithuanian Art Museum (LAM).

NGA is composed of 10 collection exposition halls, a Grand Exhibition Hall, Auditorium, Information Centre, Museum Education Centre, storages, administration premises, bookshop and café.


The goal of the National Gallery of Art (NGA) is to collect and research Lithuanian art of the 20th and 21st Century and present it to Lithuanian and international audiences as a part of the international modern art culture. Our aim is to study Lithuanian art heritage of this period, broaden the view of our audiences, reveal the links between Lithuanian art and art in other countries, encourage new interpretations of Lithuanian art, and develop a culture of understanding visual arts.

NGA is a contemporaneous, multifunctional centre for art and culture seeking a dialogue with society. This is a space for active communication where the audience can see the permanent exposition and temporary exhibitions as well as participate in cultural events, lectures and educational programmes.


The LAM 20th-21st Century Lithuanian art collection includes over 46 000 exhibits.

Modern and contemporary Lithuanian painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, installations and video art are presented in the collection exposition covering:

• multinational art milieu of Vilnius in the beginning of the 20th Century, the birth of the Lithuanian art movement;

• modern art in Lithuania and Vilnius region in the first half of the 20th Century;

• works of Lithuanian artists affected by World War II and Soviet occupation in mid 20th Century; manifestations of socialist realism;

• Lithuanian art and photography in the second half of the 20th Century continuing the modernist tradition; the art of Lithuanian artists in exile;

• contemporary Lithuanian art at the end of the 20th-21st Centuries.

Exhibitions of 20th-21st Century Lithuanian and international art are organised in the Grand Exhibition Hall.

Commissioned new art works are featured in the lobbies and courtyard.

The 150 seat Auditorium hosts lectures, conferences, cultural events and screenings of films and videos by Lithuanian and foreign artists.

The Information Center runs the only in Lithuania archive on 20th-21st Century Lithuanian artists and the library-reading room.

The Museum Education Centre organizes art lessons, practical art workshops, excursions, lectures, meetings with museum curators as well as Lithuanian and foreign artists. Educational programmes on modern and contemporary Lithuanian and international art are designed for families with children, schoolchildren and visitors of various age groups.