Jansas Evaldas
g. 1969
Evaldas Jansas lives and works in Vilnius. He is a member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Art Creator‘s Association. In the last decade of the 20 c. Evaldas Jansas became known as a performance and video artist. Transgressive art of Evaldas Jansas is often autobiographical and conveys an authentic everyday life of the artist. His video works often expose abject reality. The everyday life documented in his works is ephemeral, fragmented, immediate, but it expresses certain ambivalence. Documenting this reality the artist becomes an anthropologist. Most common characters in his video works are strange companions that he meets on the streets. The most recent works of Evaldas Jansas combine a grotesque, an absurd and the parody of social themes expressed through the nonlinear montage and narrative. „In my work I follow the principle which I would call existential romanticism. It is a specific aesthetic position where inner emotions and experiences become a reaction to the social problems, moral state, cultural processes, archetypes and symbols.“ (Evaldas Jansas about his work).