Bogdanas Konstantinas j.
g. 1961
Between 1979 and 1985 Bogdanas studied Fine Art at the State Institute of Art (now Vilnius Academy of Art). He has been exhibiting since 1986. He currently lives in Vilnius, where he works and also lectures at the Academy of Art. Bogdanas is a conceptualist: in his work he combines different media (objects, installations, performances, photographs, and so on), the most important of which, however, is the medium of language, or notes in a certain context. Formally speaking, Bogdanas is thematically mainly concerned with questions of identity. He questions abstract notions, such as art, nation and perception, as well as personal understanding of the self. The contrast between minimalist expression (one or two sentences) and depth of content that often results on an existential plane is what makes his works effective. Influencing the intellect of the apprehender (by provoking operations based on reason), the artist poses fundamental questions, thus arousing deep emotions. The key words in his work are (non)coincidence, (in)adequacy, (un)necessity, (non)fruition, (un)usefulness, (non)understanding, (in)capability. The most important, though far from obvious key words, are artificiality and vulnerability. They could be equally well applied to both the environment and the individual. Bogdanas communicates his message through a process of negation, and through the fixation of the absurd situation. An element of humour is present, only it is not so striking; it always succumbs to existential doubt. The message that his work conveys is usually more a question than a statement. It ferociously seeks inner self-determination. His “poste restante” posture of silent waiting and non-involvement should also be conceived as a conceptual work of art.