Raila Artūras
g. 1962
Artūras Raila was born in 1962 in Rainaičiai (Panevėžys region). He lives and works in Vilnius, where he teaches at Photography and media department of Vilnius Academy of Fine Art. After graduating from the Sculpture department of Vilnius Academy of Fine Art in 1989, Artūras Raila changed his artistic direction towards objects, installations, video and performances. The tactics of social sculpture/social design are characteristic to the artistic practice of Artūras Raila. In his projects he closely collaborates with specific social groups or sub-cultures, integrating them into the script of his forthcoming work and also leaving the space for unexpected occurrences. A.Raila‘s works are linked to the discourses of institutional critique and national identity. The artist integrates social reality into the field of art thus eliminating the boundaries between art and life.