Liškevičius Dainius
g. 1970
Dainius Liškevičius is exhibiting since 1995. His first works were sculptural installations (Ambulance, 1995; Stereotypical Images of Death, 1995; God is a Man‘s Spiritual Attraction, 1996; Metaphysical Unpleasantness, 1997). In his works the artist combines ironically expressed aesthetics of kitsch with the critique of the dominant ideologies or popular life styles. Since 1996 the artist started creating works that include his own participation – performances, actions, video-performances (Vane, 1996; Imitation of Everyday Life, 1999; The Centers of the World, 1999; Trilogy of performances, 2000; Timer, 2002; performance at the gallery Arteritorija, 2002). Since 1998 Dainius Liškevičius have created a few conceptual installations, which, compared to his previous work, are different in their mode of address rather than in their subjects. (In/Out, 1999, If at first you don‘t Succeed, Try, Try Again, 2003, High Drama Unexplored Dream, 2004). These works, far removed from the basic sculptural qualities, are interactive installations that involve the viewer. The installations of the later period, just as his performances, preserve the social engagement and critical qualities characteristic to Dainius Liškevičius’ early works.