Garbštienė Laura
g. 1973
Laura Garbštienė is born in 1973 in the small town of Vilkija (Lithuania). She completed the Master’s program in Textile Arts at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 and collaborated with the artist and composer Artūras Bumšteinas (artist‘s duo „G-Lab“) in 2002 – 2005 creating video and sound installations. Since 2002 she is working in the fields of video art, installation, photography, action and performance art. Characteristic feature of Laura’s work is that she becomes an object of her own works. She immerses herself into various situations, becomes an integral part of them and thus provokes the viewer with her performance. The significant aspect of the artist’s practice is the experimentation with language, fluctuation of meanings of the words, chance, provocative naiveté, the tune of subjective emotional experience and generality within the multicultural contexts. The most recent works of Laura Garbštienė function within the discourse of institutional critique.