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Sing me to Sleep

Sing me to Sleep
An internationl artistic collaboration

"Sing me to Sleep" is a journey through a fairy-tale forest, a homeless life. There are shadows and long-forgotten riddles, in words, cries and laughter. Nothing is certain: what is small and what is big, light or dark, good or bad, real or imagined?

For a story to be heard, we need silence. A quiet room, or the white space on a written page. Silence allows for quiet words, the subtle signs of life. It is in the songs of birds, it gifts us with the pleasure of sleep, a time for stories to be told, while noise is left outside.

This Lithuanian-British art project began in Vilnius and Manchester in November 2015. People who face poverty and homelessness worked with professional artists to take a transformative journey, exploring the tangled forests of a fairy-tale childhood and their current life.

The collaboration included storytelling, art workshops and quilt-making, poetry, visiting exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art, walks in Vilnius and Manchester, and conversations that embraced all of the above. Life stories were shared, old fairy tales remembered, and new tales told. All of these fairy tales come out of true life experience.

This project draws attention to the importance of the creative arts in the lives of people who are on the margins of society. It also expands the understanding of homelessness, by presenting participants' thoughts about the values of our common humanity: home, security, health, solitude. And the value of taking walks together, and walking together through life.

About 500 people in Lithuania and Great Britain took part in the project, and 80 of them contributed meaningfully to the exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius.

Project Organizer - NGO "Socialiniai meno projektai".

Main partners: British Council, Lithuanian Art Museum, arthur+martha, "The Tiltas Trust". Media partner - 15min.lt.

Partners: Vilniaus arkivyskupijos "Caritas", "The Booth Center", "Skalvija" cinema center, Manchester Metropolitan University ("Arts for Health"), UAB "Petro ofsetas", UAB "Media Traffic", Vilnius tourist information center, bernardinai.lt, kur.lt.

Project is partly financed by - Lithuanian Council for Culture.

More information about the project: www.menasgerovei.lt, www.arthur-and-martha.blogspot.lt/