Interactive Workshops for Kids and Adults!

During three days of workshops for kids, teenagers and adults you will know how to use mobile technology for exploring classic art from Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and art from National Gallery of Art in Vilnius. You will learn to make paper sculpture interactive, NFC coding and even 3D games exploring art and history.

Kids (Age:8-10)

Interactive Sculpture Workshop

Children will make interactive sculpture models from paper. Using NFC technology, smartphones and drawing children will make these sculpture models react to the actions on a smartphone and will be able to share results of the workshop with everyone without internet connection.

Workshops will be hosted by Michal Hyjek - Polish artist and scientist

After workshops children will:

-        have complete knowledge of NFC programming

-        receive a set of NFC code and tutorial how to do it

-        be able to expose their artwork in the project database

Actions: sketching, markers, NFC expended technology, smartphones, maps

Skills to learn: sharing information via smartphone, coding NFC, linking drawings with NFC technology

Equipment needed: none

Date of workshop: 28.04 starts at 12pm and 4pm, 30.04 starts at 12pm and 2pm. Please, specify the date and time while registering.

Duration: 1h

Link to demo workshop presentation:

Register for free:, (85) 219 59 61. Registration ends at 4pm 27.04.2017.


Young people and adults ( Age: 13+)

Save the story - make a mobile 3D game!

Everyone can make their own interactive art guide! Bring your ideas, objects, sounds and stories that you would like to digitalize and use them in a 3D game made during the workshop! Sound recording, sketching, 3D scanning, and drawing - using these media we can gather little stories, images and historical information about local places from local people and digitalize them in a 3D game. The games created during workshop will be shared through Open Access and after workshop in a Google Play Store. We are waiting!

Keywords: sketching, NFC expended technology, smartphones, 3d game on mobile devices, AR, augmented reality, unity engine, 3D game on smartphone, IoT, stories, memories.

Skills to learn: sharing information via smart phone, coding NFC, using Unity environment, creating 3D environment games promoting art and history.

Need to bring: objects (size up to 120x120x120 cm), sounds, stories, pictures to be digitalized and put into 3d game environment; personal laptop or Ipad can be helpful.

Workshops will be hosted by Michal Hyjek - Polish artist and scientist.

Duration: 1h

Link to workshops demo:

Date of workshop: 29.04.2017, workshops starts at 12pm and 4pm. Please, specify the date and time while registering.

Register for free:, (85) 219 59 61. Registration ends at 4pm 28.04.2017.