Video game based on Aleksandra Kasuba works

Utility for the soul


'Utility for the Soul' is a meditative interactive puzzle experience based on Lithuanian-American environment artist Aleksandra Kasuba's (1923-2019) concept for what she called the Retreat House. It was intended to be a unique, utopian facility for use by large corporations to give overworked employees a fresh perspective and rejuvenate them.

Take the role of the revitalization manager of the Retreat House and guide the visiting workers by interacting with various mechanisms hidden from plain sight.

Download link for Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS) deviceshere

Download link for Android deviceshere

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Team: Povilas Vincentas Jankūnas (Game design and art direction), Mykolas Krupauskas (programming), Aleksandras Trakas (pogramming), Ignas Čeponis
(music and sound design).

Organizer: National Gallery of Art (Vilnius), the Lithuanian National Museum of Art

Developer: Weekend Warriors
Publisher: Lithuanian National Museum of Art
Play time: 10-15 minutes
Price: Free
Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android
Languages: English, Lithuanian

2020 12 04

The computer game 'Utility for the Soul' based on the works of Aleksandra Kasuba launches on December 4. The game was intended to debut along with a retrospective exhibition 'Shaping the Future. Environments by Aleksandra Kasuba', the opening of which had to be postponed due to quarantine.