Screening of László Moholy-Nagy's films ‘Lights and Shadows of Avant-garde’

National Gallery of Art (Vilnius) presents the photography exhibition of Moï Ver (1904-1995) the author of outstanding photography books  'The Ghetto Lane in Wilna', 'Paris: 80 Photographies de Moï Ver' (with an introduction by Introduction by Fernand Léger) both published in 1931, and project 'Ci-Contre - 110 Photos de Moï Ver'.  In 1927-1929 Moï Ver allias Moshe Raviv-Vorobeichic studied in Bauhaus School Dessau attending classes taught by László Moholy-Nagy, Josef Albers, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Hinnerk Scheper.

The meeting with Mahol-Nagy the founder of photography and film studies at the Bauhaus School was crucial for Moshe Vorobeichic creative biography. The young student from Vilnius was strongly impressed by Moholy-Nagy's photography and film experiments, art and technology connection, and ideas of 'New Vision'. The film program presents  Maholy-Nagy's films from 1929-1936, which show a number of parallels with the motifs that dominated in Moï Ver's photography: dazzling life of metropolis, architecture, industrial and technical forms, among them a wonder of the 20th century engineering  the Pont Transbordeur in the old port of Marseille.

Film screening is the part of the exhibition 'Moï Ver. Montages of Modernity' public program.

Screening program:
1. Berliner Still Leben, 1936
Digitalized 16mm black and white film, silent, duration 9 min

2. Ein Lichtspiel schwarz weiss grau, 1930
Digitalized 16mm black and white film, silent, duration 6 min

3. Impressionen vom alten Marseille Hafen, 1929
Digitalized 16mm black and white film, silent, duration 9 min

4. Architects' Congress, 1933
Digitalized 16mm black and white film, silent, duration 29 min

Project is partly funded by the Lithuanian Culture Foundation

Sponsors: Embassy of Israel Vilnius, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania Tel Aviv, Polish institute Vilnius, Goethe Institute, Exterus.

Public screening of the films has been made possible courtesy of the Moholy-Nagy Foundation.

NGA Auditorium
2020 02 12


Still of Maholy-Nagy film "Ein Lichtspiel schwarz weiss grau, 1930

On February 12 at 5:30 p.m. the screening of the films by László Maholy-Nagy, one of the most prominent representatives of avant-garde modernism and mentor at the Bauhaus School, will be held at the auditorium of the National Gallery of Art.